Review Process

What happens after you are done applying, how HireArt reviews applications

10 articles

More Job Applications

Applying to more jobs, reusing your application

3 articles

Privacy Policy

How we keep your information safe and who can see it

2 articles

Completing an Application

Everything you need to know about completing our custom interview.

12 articles

Technical Issues

Uploading videos, saving an application, making changes

6 articles


Getting started, process overview, understanding where everything is

6 articles



Browsing Jobs

2 articles

Saved Jobs

2 articles

Sign In

3 articles


Interacting with Applicants

How to evaluate, select and contact candidates for interviews

13 articles

Managing your Job Post

Editing and deactivating your job, other platform functionality

9 articles


Change your password, update your email, update your billing info

1 article


How to change billing information, cancel further invoicing, etc

2 articles