How do I cancel my subscription?

Note: In order to be able to cancel your subscription, you have to either be the owner or have managing capabilities over the job post. If you only have viewing capabilities, then please ask the owner of the job posting to cancel the subscription.

There are two ways to cancel the subscription. One way deactivates your job immediately, and the other one sets it so that it will deactivate after your month is up. Please follow the steps bellow in order to be able to do either one:

Login and go to your Dashboard
Click on the gear in the top right corner of your job post
If you'd like to set is such that the job deactivates at the end of the month (recommended), go to your job's settings page, and change the Monthly Billing toggle to "Off."  This keep your job up for the remainder of the time you've paid for, and keep it from renewing automatically.

If you'd like to deactivate the job immediately, please select "Deactivate." A pop up should come up that allows you to confirm this selection.

You should be all set. If for any reason you are still having problems, please contact your account manager or