How do I archive candidates?

If you're getting a high volume of applicants, or have had your role active on HireArt for a long time, and would like to hide some old applicants without actually deleting them, Archiving is a great way to clean house!

You can archive candidates from your list view (click "Candidates" on the toolbar at the top of the job overview page).

To select individual candidates to archive, click on the small box to the left of their profile photo. Once you've selected all the candidates you like, click the "Archive" button at the top of the list.

If you'd like to archive all candidates on the current list, you can click on the square select-all box (shown below) near the top of the list and then click "Archive," which will appear right next to it.

To access Archived candidates later, click on the gray button "Current" near the list filters at the top and select "Archived" or "Total."

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