How can I send HireArt feedback on my candidates?

We are thrilled that you'd like to give us feedback. You can do that in a few different ways:

You can give us feedback by marking your candidates using the Like, Maybe and Dislike buttons.  These can ether be seen from your candidate list, or from an individual applicant's profile.  This feedback is passed directly to your grader and account manager who will use it to direct their recommendations moving forward.

(From the candidate's profile)

(From the list view)

When you click "Dislike," you'll also get an opportunity to give us some feedback as to why:

You can also give feedback by clicking the gear on the top right hand corner of the list and selecting: "Give Feedback." This will allow you to give us free form feedback.

Lastly, you can give us feedback by reaching out directly to your account manager via phone or email