How do I record my response on a webcam?

The webcam option is the easiest one to use! To record your response on a webcam, take part in one of HireArt's online applications on your home computer or laptop (a webcam, either external or built in to your computer/laptop, is required). 

Once you come across a video question, select the orange "Use Webcam" button. A prompt should come up (the prompts location depends on your browser) asking if you'd like to allow HireArt to access your webcam.  Clicking "allow," should turn on your webcam and you should be able to confirm that you see yourself in the grey box pictured below:

If for any reason you cannot see yourself on the screen, check to see that there is an "Allow" button at the top of your browser. If you still cannot see yourself on the screen, or are having any problems with the uploading of your video after recording, the most common fix is trying a new browser, and making sure your connection to the internet is stable.  Feel free to contact us if you have any issues!