Do you have any tips on how I can do well on my application?

Just like any other hiring process, you should prepare before you complete an application HireArt. The best ways to prepare are:

Research the company, what they do, and how you see yourself fitting in - Companies want to see that you know what you are applying to and that you've put some thought into how you will fit in with their culture and this specific role.
Do a couple trial runs before recording, but not too many - Being on video for the first time can feel strange, so a few practice runs can help you decide what lighting, background and clothes you'd like for your video. That said, don't run through your responses too many times otherwise they may become stiff!
Look presentable - You don't need to be wearing a suit (in fact you probably shouldn't be), but make sure you're wearing appropriate clothes, that the lighting is good and that there isn't background noise affecting your video.
Don't over worry! - For the most part, companies just want to understand who you are and how you think. No need for fancy productions in your video, though sometimes small creative things can help catch an employer's eyes. If you decide to take the creative route, make sure it's appropriate for the employer at hand and that it fits with the other parts of yourself you are presenting in your application.

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