How do I deactivate my job post?

In order to be able to deactivate your job post, you have to be either be the owner or admin access to the job posting (being on the team as a "member," will not allow you to do this). If you do not have this kind of access, please ask the owner of the job posting to deactivate it, or alter your access rights.

Deactivating you job will turn it off on the spot. If you'd rather set your job to automatically deactivate at the end of this post, please visit  this article for instructions.

Login, go to your job Dashboard, and click on the job you'd like to deactivate.
Click on the "Settings" option in the toolbar near the top of the page.
If you'd like to deactivate the job immediately, click the red "Deactivate Job" link.  A pop up should come up that allows you to confirm this selection.

You should be all set! If for any reason you are still having problems, please contact your account manager or